5 things to ensure before launching your landing page

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So, you want to launch your first landing page and seek some help from an online article. Right? If you are reading this article which means “you are worried and confused regarding your first landing page”, and it’s completely natural to feel like that because:

  1. your budget is already tight. You can’t hire a professional
  2. you don’t want to take the risk of losing your hard, earned money
  3. you don’t want to make your first landing page a failure.

I am not going to give you a particular software or framework. Rather than that, I will give you 5 universal principles that you can use on your landing to get guaranteed success. 

Doesn’t matter what is your niche and audience is.

Ready? let’s start

This article is not about tips & tricks and software recommendation and other copywriting frameworks. If you are expecting those things, then you can check this article.

Ask your self do you really need a landing page?

This question might look very easy at its surface, but you will find what I am trying to say if you dig deeper.

Fall in love with the problem, not the solution

Suppose you need an online place where you just want to capture the customer email of your customer and want them to send your free ebook.

And You decided to build a landing page for it but did you ask that Do I really need a landing page for this problem?

Maybe you can signup for the Typeform to capture your customer email and then use Zapier API to fetch that stored email in the Typeform database and deliver them your free ebook.

Maybe you can use Mailchimp to create a landing page and directly capture and deliver your ebook without any worries?

Doesn’t matter which method you use. I am trying to say that one problem can have many solutions, so don’t permanently settle down with the first solution. Instead, try to find different alternatives to one problem.

It can definitely save you a lot of money and time.

What is your goal from the landing page!

This one is crucial for a landing page because if you don’t know your goal of creating the landing page, everything is just a waste of time and money.

Let’s talk about how to set up your goal properly:

Suppose you are selling a course on “how to design a website in photoshop”, so what will be your main goal? Obviously getting more sales, right?

But sometimes, goals are extensive due to which people feel lost, so once you set the goal, you have to set smaller goals that we call objectives. So basically, we are only breaking the goals into smaller and achievable form.

For the above course, our objective will be “customer has to click on the buy now and complete their purchase”.

Hope you understand how to set a goal.

Important: “I want to make this landing page beautiful is an opinion rather than a goal, ” so be very conscious when setting the goal.

A little secret: A goal is measurable, but opinion is not.

Let’s set a more intelligent goal.

Anatomy of a more intelligent goal is:

  1. It should be Specific (I want 5 sales in 24 hours).
  2. Measurable (I want to make my landing page beautiful, it is not measurable, I want people to click on the button).
  3. Achievable (don’t set an unwanted limit for the goal, like I want 200 sales of my course in one day, rather than it will be much better to start from 20).
  4. Results-focused (there should be 5 sales today).
  5. Time-bound (time limit is necessary like a week, day or month to avoid burnout).

e.g. By the ending (time-bound). I want (put your objective here) with (output or result).

By the ending of 31 May. I want people to click on the button and complete their purchase to get 5 sales in a day.

The landing page should have a good copy.

This one is unexceptional. You have to do it right at any cost. Doesn’t how beautiful the landing page you have or which software you are using.

Doesn’t matter how good or bad your product or service is. 

“Only words sales” remember it or write somewhere!

Nothing will work if your website didn’t write correctly to address your user problem.

Sometimes it’s tough to hire a professional copywriter because a good copywriter also charges a good amount of money since it’s your first landing page. And You don’t want to spend too much money on it.

In that case, you have to do it yourself.

The easiest and effective framework I know and personally use is known as the “story brand framework” made by Donald Miller. To learn more about this technique, you have read the book “Marketing made simple”.

I know it requires work, but it will definitely pay you off later. Also, you already know there is a price for everything.

Once again, if you can afford a good copywriter, then go for it.

Give good UX

A good word is as essential as a good user experience is. 

For example, suppose you are reading the word on the landing page, but the words are tiny on the page. Will you be able to read it?

Or what if your webpage colour is very light similar to given in the below image.

Or what if your landing page is not looking trustworthy at all? Is it looking more like a website built in 20 century?

This UX related can definitely affect your landing page conversion rate.

I know that you are not a professional designer, so below are few things that you can do right now to solve this issue:

  1. Make the width of the paragraph less the 750px
  2. Use a colour that has a reasonable contrast ratio and weight.
  3. Use the font-size 17px-18px with line height of 26px.
  4. Try to put all copy on the pre-built template rather than creating your own new template. because you are not a professional designer, and if you will try to make things from your experience, you might end up breaking the design law, which will cause you problem later (it will also help you to save money)

Keep measuring your progress.

Did you guys heard this famous quote, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it”?

The same thing happens with your landing since you have written the copy for your landing page. You put the copy in the pre-built template, then you just have to do only 2 things before making your landing page live:

  1. Install google analytics to know from where traffic is coming and how much time they are spending
  2. Install hotjar to see live what people are doing on your website.

There is 100+ software that you can use to measure a thing, but hey, we are just launching right now. So we don’t have to care about those different options right now!

Even these two simple steps can uncover lots of things later in the process.

That’s all for now. Have a question? You can reach out to me on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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