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I am 24 and never thought about writing this article, especially on this topic. However, in the book “The happiness equation”, the author has talked writing can make you happy!

So, I am writing this article to make myself happy and awaring other people who also suffering from a mental breakdown.

For the last 8 months, I was constantly working in a job, doing yoga and reading more and more books. In the beginning, I found a new world has opened for me.

But, after 8 months, I had a mental breakdown. At first, I thought it was depression or stress. 

In reality, it is a mental breakdown.

How I am feeling after hitting the mental breakdown

  1. Lack of appetite
  2. Lack of motivation
  3. Feeling of giving up everything you’re working on
  4. Lack of self-care
  5. Always thinking negatively, not staying in the present
  6. Forgetting things
  7. Over analysing anything
  8. Fear of losing e.g. job, partner
  9. and much more…

Why does mental breakdown occur?

Developing yourself and learning skills happen in stages. Before you can move on to the next phase of your learning & development, you have to get through a wall.

In my case, I was constantly working in a new job for the last 8 months, and I changed my job.

Suddenly, my routine get changed. I was facing new insecurities, fear and many other things. Which leads to the mental breakdown

How mental breakdown can affect your life

Every person’s body has a different tendency to react since I was unaware it was a mental breakdown. 

I thought it was a symptom of stress & depression—Anway following things I was facing.

  1. I forgot why I entered the room.
  2. My stomach suffers from hyperacidity, so I vomited a lot and didn’t eat anything for a whole day. After taking some medication, I am eating a little bit.
  3. My blood pressure was very high.
  4. My head was paining, and I felt something standing on my head.
  5. I was emotionally unstable, talking about stupid things with my parents.

What am I doing to solve this?

Earlier I thought it was due to job insecurity, so I talked to my parents, relatives, partner and friends about the issue.

And almost everyone said the same thing.

“You don’t know what could happen next, and nothing is guaranteed in life. You could be laid off from a permanent job also.

The only difference at that time will be they will pay you two months of salary if they are a good company.

So, don’t think about future things. Just do your best work, and if you get laid off. You can always find the next job.”

By family & friends

I found the answer reasonable, so I was controlling my feelings. However, these words didn’t help me overcome the wall completely (mental breakdown).

Somehow, after spending some time with family & friends. And talking with them about worries and fears.
Helped me overcome this breakdown.

One thing that also helped me to overcome the wall was this excellent book by Darius foroux, “Think straight”.

Final thoughts

If you’re not aware of a mental breakdown, it could cause problems for you, especially when you will assume that it’s a sign of stress & depression.

It took me around 17 days to overcome the wall, now I am feeling good and healthy now.

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