What if you get fired from your job tomorrow?

It’s Sunday, June 05; the time is 09:45 PM. My stomach is full of maggie (noodles) because my mom had cooked fish, and I don’t eat non-veg.

As I was taking rest and planning for Monday, I remembered the pandemic time when many people were getting laid off from their job. Linkedin was full of these types of job posts, just like the below one.

image of linkedin post

Although the pandemic was an exceptional case that started in 2019, now it’s 2022. I still see the same thing.

Coinbase.com had recently rejected the offer letter of many new employees, and now they are asking for a new job on Linkedin.


What if your boss will also fire you tomorrow. What will you do then?

Work on your Upstream

Imagine you’re going on a vacation with your friend. Both of you purchased child beers and decided to sit near a river bank. So, you can enjoy the view and beer.

body river surrounded by dress
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As you’re talking with your friend, you hear a child’s voice who is screaming, “help, help”. Without waiting for a second, you jumped into a river with your friend and saved the child.

Everyone is happy now until you hear the same screaming again, and now you run to that child also. But, you find that there are many children in the river, so you decide to save all the children, and your friend finds out who is throwing those children in the river.

The above story was hypothetical and taken from the book Upstream by Dan Heath. The story shows that we are only saving the children from drowning in the river instead preventing the core cause (e.g. who is throwing children in the water or how children are falling in the river).

In other words, we react when something happens, but we don’t work on it, so the problem can be prevented before happening.

Here is what you should do?

Honestly, I don’t know the answer. I am still finding it as I am moving in my life, but I found a few things which worked for me.

I will share it very soon!

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