Storybrand by Donald M. never worked for me (here is what’s actually works)

I have divided this article into two sections. In the first section, I will talk about why storybrand didn’t work for me, and in the second section, I will provide what works.

One YouTuber suggested me this book, “Storybrand” by Donald Miller.

The YouTuber is a web designer, and he personally uses tactics provided in this book with his client.

He suggested that this book will help your customer clarify your message and help you position your product/service.

At least, this is what I understand before reading the book.

Since There was no risk and I gave it a try. By the time I had finished half of the book, I had become Donald’s fan.

He was providing top-notch knowledge of marketing in a consumable format. Once I had finished the book, I started to apply the knowledge.

Since I am a web designer, I prepared a brand script and using that script, I write copy for my own website, which you can check here

Unfortunately, the brand script didn’t produce any result for me, and I left the idea using it and moved further to find something that would work.

Spending a few years, Reading books on copywriting, positioning and marketing.

And lots of trial and error on different books and courses. I found storybrand is still worked and did not work.

It all depends on the need. If you are in the market and already have some clients, then storybrand will work for you.

But, if you are just starting out and you are not sure 100% confident about your product/service. What problem you are solving, feature, target audience, etc., then storybrand will not work for you.

I am not writing this article to defame the storybrand; I am writing it just to help people like me to understand that the storybrand will not work for everyone.

It’s time to show you what works for me.

Seriously! still reading so far? It means the storybrand is confusing for you or didn’t work.

Before moving into the second section

I feel that this is the problem that exists with me. If you are reading my article, I would love to know if it also does not work for you?

Understanding this can help me improve the storybrand for new businesses.

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