The single biggest landing page mistake and how to find it & fix it!

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A little context

I worked as a freelance designer with small businesses(my website); I have done internships also and worked as a full-time UX designer. And one thing that was common in all these roles was: my job: to design a website, landing page, and SAAS app. 

In my small carrier, I met with different people in different domains. All of them have a different perspective, but I found one common problem among all those companies, startups, and clients are: understanding “Customers Perspective.” 

They care more about their brand and marketing. According to my, this is the biggest single mistake businesses make with their landing page. This article is all about understanding and fixing it! If you believe that you understand your user perspective better, then this article is not for you.

Let’s talk about the solution for the landing page mistake.

We all serve our customers in the online world, but very few of us understand our customer and their perspective. The reason is simple we got so involved in our product or role that we forgot about the other’s perspective. 

You may argue that your job is not your job to understand people’s perspectives because I am a marketer, designer, CEO, etc. But, remember one thing whatever you are doing is directly or indirectly related to your customer. It doesn’t matter what your job is!

Let me give you a real-world example of what I am saying: Try to remember the last product you bought from amazon.

Ok! so let’s backtrack the typical purchase path. 

1: You have opened the amazon app in mobile or website on your laptop/pc

2: Searched your product. 

3: See price and reviews

4: (optional) if the product is costly, you may be watching the review on youtube and ask for your reviews from friends about the product once this step will be finished.

5: You will open amazon to see the price again, consider all the essential things for you, and buy it!

This how the typical process looks like! Right? 

We all know that how necessary social proof is when customers are buying something.

But there was the website our team worked on it(Can’t tell you the name)! You will be amazed to hear that they have 5000 reviews about their company on Trustpilot.

But they haven’t placed reviews on their product page. So, We analyzed the page, shoved the review into the product page. And that page was performed 80% better(with 95% statistical significance) than the old page(control version).

Suppose that rather than reaching out to us for increasing their website profit! If those guys had already understood their customers perspective. They don’t need us.

In fact, if you to understand your customer perspective and build your landing page according to it! Then your 80% work is already done.

How will I understand my user’s perspective? I am not a user researcher!

I know you are not a researcher, and you don’t have to be. This is the reason why I am writing the article. A little bit of common sense and empathy is enough! for now.

Think about your user as a human. They have the same problem and doubts just like you. They also don’t like ad’s and reading small text.

You can use below give simple steps to understand your customer perspective:

Doing this will not tell you everything about your customer, but it is much better than guessing about your customer sitting in an air-conditioned room.

Step 1: Find two people who are not familiar with your product. A stranger will not work because they will not feel comfortable with you. Friend of friends will work here, make sure they don’t know you otherwise they will not share everything going on in their minds! (due to bias)

Step 2: Find a peaceful environment. Invite one person to that place. Get familiar with each other so that they don’t feel uncomfortable.

Step 3: Hand on your laptop to them and ask, “Hey, there is a website selling headphones (you can use your product). I am not sure should I buy it or not from this website also don’t know how will I buy it!”. 

Can you do it for me? Give them money so they can purchase for you.

Step 4: Open that website in a new browser(cache, history and cookies should be cleared), Turn on your screen recorder and let them do what they are doing. When they are in doubt or get stuck somewhere, ask them why you got stuck.

Step 5: Make a mental note about that problem, or you can write somewhere if you want. So you can use those things to make the fix on your website.

You can repeat the above process with five people who serve you as your audience. And you are good to go.

Just try the above given simple & free process and share your result with me. You can reach out to me on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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