How to get a remote job as a UI/UX designer using Linkedin!

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I have been working remotely for the last 2 years, and working remotely is the best working mode, at least for me.

People often ask me how I found a remote job.

Honestly, I struggled a lot to find it. After doing multiple trials & errors with my portfolio, personal branding, etc, I find the job.

In this article, I will share how to use LinkedIn to find remote jobs.

What is a remote job?

It consists of two words: Remote + job.

So, remote means you don’t have to be physically present at a location.

Job means providing value (solving problems for someone) in exchange for money. 

You may be familiar with freelancing, which is similar to having a job but with a few key differences.

When you have a job, you are required to work a set amount of time each day.
However, in freelancing, you work on projects independently, and the details such as time, location, payment, and effort are discussed and agreed upon between you and the client.

(Important) Figure out why you want a remote job.

Finding an answer to this question is mighty; I often meet with people who ask, “How can I get a remote job.”

Although my answer is simple and direct, life is not linear.

See, you need 100s of trial & error when finding a job. Sometimes, you need to use content marketing or sometimes sending LinkedIn DMs.

If you’re not prepared with strong motivation. You will stop working when a challenging hurdle will come in your way.

Strong motivation comes only when you know your WHY. I even wrote an article on Why I want to work remotely.

Below are a few of my personal reasons for finding a remote job. Please do not copy them:

  • I want to live with my family instead of living alone in a small rented room because living alone makes me feel depressed.
  • I don’t want to eat junk food for lunch anymore because my health is more important.
  • I want to save time on daily travel to work on side projects.
  • I want to live in a remote area away from big cities and crowded people (this is my strongest reason).
  • I hate office politics and want to avoid working in such environments.

So, before starting anything, find your WHY

Think about only remote jobs.

This may sound paradoxical to you, but humans want 1000 things at once, and that’s where you lose energy.

Instead of desiring 100 things, put all your energy and mind power into achieving only one goal: “How can I get the Remote job.”

Keep asking this question until you find the remote job.

Here is a simple diagram for you:

Thought –> Action –> Result

Now that the basics are done let’s dive into using Linkedin.

Let’s learn to use LinkedIn

Surround yourself with the right people

Don’t send connection requests to random people; connect with people from whom you can get value.

So next time, before connecting with someone, go through this checklist:

  • You are inspired by someone’s work
  • You would want to work with a company or other employees.
  • You would want to strategize with, e.g., Creating a course, freelancing projections
  • You see the potential for mutual benefit. e.g., job referral

How do you connect with the right people?

Since my goal is clear, I want a remote design job. For that, I have to find a company which provides remote work.

Search in the LinkedIn search bar.

Click on the search bar and type “Remote designer” without quotes.

linkedin feed image

Linkedin jobs page

Click on Jobs

A screen will look like this. Make sure the “Remote” filter is on.

Click on the company page (In case you already want to work in a company, then connect with that specific company employee).

Linkedin company page.
Click on people and start connecting with these people.

Send 5 connections daily to these people.

Start engaging to build trust

Once you connect with these people, you must get their attention and trust.

You can use the following method even if you’re not connected with them: just follow them directly and start engaging with their content.

By engagement, I mean commenting, sharing, or liking their post and sending DMs.

Lots of beginners got stuck at this stage. They got confused about what they should do.

Whenever you find the content of the person you can get benefits:

Give your perspective on the topic.

See how Casey shared his perspective on one of my posts, which got my attention.

Tip: You can do something similar but, don’t stop just there. Use the opportunity to connect and send DM’s to keep momentum going.

My friend used this method. She commented on one of the target employers.

Linkedin message

Comment link

After a few days, she got this reply, and the whole conversation ended with a job offer.

She got his first full-time remote job.

Linkedin message

Tell a short story that comes to mind when reading that topic

See how this professor shared my post with his own specific story; you can also do something similar to some other incident.

ADD to someone else’s content or post it and format it in your own way.

I don’t have any specific examples right now.Last time, I read something on Twitter and shared it in a private Facebook group in my own words.

Within a few days, I got this message on my LinkedIn. I don’t need to explain this one further!

Linkedin message

Ask a question that will get them to respond to you.

You can use this method if you find that the other person doesn’t post on Linkedin but remains online.

The question should be specific and exciting to the person; otherwise, they will not answer them.

Linkedin question

So, keep changing your question unless you find something suitable to use on everyone.

Also, don’t let your conversation be buried under the heap. Just keep asking questions.

Bonus: You can send some resources, articles, or anything useful.
It will create reciprocity and make you memorable in a person’s mind.

Don’t forget to update your LinkedIn profile.

All the methods you have been taught so far will work better when you combine them with a perfectly positioned LinkedIn profile.

You can review many famous people’s profiles or even check my profile for ideas.

If you want my ideas, let me know in the comments, and I will write an article for you.

The strategy behind doing all these things was to gain attention & trust.

Don’t just rely on the strategies taught above. Use your creativity to become a trustworthy and competent person in the eyes of others.

Few things you have to avoid

Never ask for anything unless you have given something to that person.

Please make this rule as a rule of thumb; otherwise, you will hear crickets.

I also made these mistakes in the past, and whenever I did this, I never heard anything in return, so don’t waste your time making these mistakes.

Please bookmark this article so you can refer back and find your next remote job using Linkedin.

Ask your questions in the comments!

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