Reasons why I want to become a remote designer.

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I will not talk about design tools.

Neither about the design process, UI hacks or design jobs nor about books and courses.

Instead, I will talk about the remote job. My intention in writing this article is to let you know:

You’re not alone!

If you are also stuck in your 9-5 jobs. There are many more designers facing the same issue.

And below are some solid reasons why it’s the right time to become a remote designer at least for me.

Reason 1: My location makes me feel miserable

According to a report, 54,000 people died in Delhi and nearby because of air pollution.

Delhi, where I am grown up, holds the rank of the world’s most polluted city, with a size of PM 2.5 in the air.

Just to give you more facts, goosebumps a good air is considered good:

  • When the level of PM 2.5 stay under 5µg/m3 (micrograms per cubic meter of air)
  • But, in Delhi, it’s 110 5µg/m3, Which is 22 times more than a natural air

Air pollution is reducing my life by 10 years less, and I am not alone. There are 14 cities worldwide that are suffering from high air pollution.

That’s why I want to stop living in Delhi and other metropolitan cities.

And looking for a better place to live. So at least I can breathe the pure air.

It’s not just about air. 

Maybe your city is not fighting pollution, but, hey, there are thousands of other factors that make us feel miserable about our location.

Like Overcrowded places, the crime rate, overpriced houses and hospitals, and stupid laws.

Reason 2: I don’t like to commute

Every day I waste 1.5hour in travelling and reaching my office and wasting exact time to reach home.

If you will add both times. I am wasting my 3 hours daily just commuting to for office.

Don’t sum up only commuting time!

If we calculate the time to prepare for the office(iron clothes, take a bath), prepare lunch, etc.

In total, I am wasting 4-5 hours daily.

Although I could save those times by l living in nearby PG. and hiring a cook to prepare lunch, I know.

But I don’t want to live alone. 

I really love my family and friends and I can’t imagine how someone lives away from their family.

I talked with many friends who live in PG. Some people enjoy living alone, and some do not. That’s how it is.

If I don’t live with family, I will feel tired, exhausted, stressed and, most important, not creative.

I like to travel but not commute.

Reason 3: I want to build a personal brand

I don’t want to waste my whole life chasing and begging for jobs.

Imagine a situation when I live in a remote village, and the current company has fired me from the job.

The new company wanted me to work from the office.

You can imagine the situation. It’s not an imaginary situation; I had faced this situation previously. 

After working for 1.5 years remotely, It was very tough to join the office.

A personal brand can save you from these nightmares.

What does a personal brand have to do with the remote job?

To create the brand, you must create content, work on the project you love, and start a small business.

You can’t do these things when you don’t have a remote job because a remote job gives you more time.

Reason 4: Freedom

I don’t think I have to talk about this point!

No office politics

Don’t have to deal with toxic people.

Work from a beach or a mountain. Who cares?

The summary

I want a remote job because 

  • I don’t like my current location, 
  • I hate commuting and wanted to live with my family
  • I want to build a personal brand 
  • and I want more freedom to work from anywhere.

Thousands of designers want the same kind of life but are struggling to find a remote job as me.

This article was just to let me know they are not alone!

Next step

Let’s connect on Linkedin. And see how we can help each other.

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