No more mess – An app that helps people to quit masturbation addiction

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The idea for designing this app arose when my friend complained that he has a habit of masturbation.

As a typical user living in India, young people have no opportunity to get rid of the masturbation habit. Until you have unexceptional willpower, but that’s not true for most people.

I started looking for an app on the play store to suggest it to my friend (since people feel taboo talking about these bad habits with family or doctors).

I found a couple of apps there, but after using the app I found ample opportunity for improvement.

For example, I have attached a video where I am using this app first time. As you can see the app is not personalized and missing its goal when the userland the first time on the app.
The only thing I like about the app was the little bit of gamification and community features.

Not satisfied by solution

I was not happy with the app at all so, I used google this time and found few solutions in the articles but still, they all are based too much upon the willpower of the user. e.g. Avoid pornography, Doing exercise.

Here is the link to the article:

Defining problem

After, doing some initial research for finding a solution. I didn’t find anything useful which can help people to quit masturbation. So decided to create an app by myself.

Before creating the I had to really understand the addicted people behaviour and their environment so that I can understand what eliciting the feeling of masturbation.

After defining the problem.

I was looking to start with empathy and personas but,

To fill out these things I need some real data. For that I had to take interviews of people but, The was a problem I can’t start with interview or survey because:

  1. No one want to accept that he/she is addicted to masturbation (at least pyscially)
  2. It’s a tabbo to talk about it!
  3. It was hard to find those peoples who are addicted to masturbation.

Due to the above-mentioned constraints, I had started to interview my friend who was initially addicted to masturbation.

Here are few things I found:

image of interview answer

One user answer was not enough to design the whole app. So, I decide to use “Sales safari”(a remote user research method used for finding user problem) hope you already know why we are using it!

After doing a sales safari I found a good amount of ideas about users. Here is the link of sales safari data ->

Findings from research

After combining the data from sales safari and interview.

Here are my few takeaways which I think are the main culprit:

  • Lack of motivation
  • they are aware that they addicted to masturbation.
  • Lack of self control (Don’t want to masturbate but still do)
  • Watch a lot of porn which leads to masturbation.

There are lots of opportunities as well as problems that can be tackled through the app. But, I am going to move with the two problems only

Lack of motivation and building self control

For increasing motivation

I will use gamification with positive feedback also, use social proof which is a strong behavioural trigger to change human behaviour.

For self control

There is no solid solution regarding increasing self-control. But, I had found that the environment plays a very critical role when the user makes decisions.

So, for that We can use the mobile sensors to get data of their enviroment as well as their browsing data so, we can suggest a better solution!

Taking these findings it’s time to create somethings

Here are a few screens of the wireframes

I am working on the wireframe because the whole product is rely upon changing human behaviour so, I will keep updating the wireframes as I will learn.

figma link of wireframe

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