Are you working just for money?

I don’t know how to start, but I am like most people working for money.

Nothing is wrong with this thing, except what will you do when you have the money?

I never asked this question in my life, and it is causing problems for me and some of my friends suffering from the same thing.

On 14 April 2023

It was 14 April, and I am writing this article on 17 Apr. Something strange has happened to me.

One of my friends got salary raise, and now he is earning around $3000 per month, around 3-4 lakh, because we live in India.

We got on a call for work and then started talking about the salary.

I was shocked when I heard that he was not feeling happy and satisfied with his life.

I was also suffering from the same thing.

I don’t feel motivated towards work anyone because the whole time, whatever I did in my life was just for money.

Now, I have the money but now what?

That’s the reason why I hate the thing which is “working for money only.”

Today I saw some videos about life’s purpose

I am following, where he talks about self-development.

In a video on finding purpose, he talked about finding something a big problem in our society and then solving that problem.

Here is the video. I am still figuring out how to find the purpose because finding purpose is the only thing which can keep us happy and motivated throughout life.

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Rohit Singh

Rohit Singh

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