Why I was struggling to build the habit even after reading bestsellers books (like Atomic habit)

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I am the guy who loves to read books on every topic I struggle with, I was struggling a lot to build habits, and I was not alone. My friends’ were also struggling.

So, I ordered my first book, “The power of habit” by Charles d. I read and got some basic idea about how habits work, but that was not enough. I was still struggling.

Then another famous book gets published you may already know about it! “Atomic habit” by James Clear.

I read the book in-fact ordered one copy for my friend also. Honestly, the book was excellent. It gave me insight into how to build the habit and break the bad one!

Twist start from here

After reading “Atomic habit” I was still struggling. Yes, you can call me lazy, or I am not action-oriented, whatever you can think of, but the truth was I was struggling.

I tried to make things easy, attractive, satisfying, etc. As the author discussed in the book, it didn’t work for me.

Until I listened to a podcast where the author shared his story. Whenever he doesn’t feel like going to the gym. He still gets out of bed, goes to the gym, and returns within 1 minute.

Did you see what the author is trying to do?

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Time to reveal the secret

When it comes to building habits, most of us get too focused on outcomes rather than consistency. 

For example, When people build the habit of going to the gym daily, they focus on getting a healthy body, biceps, triceps etc. 

In reality, the goal should only be to develop the habit of going to the gym.

You may have heard the term “inconsistency is the enemy”? That’s totally true; when you develop any habit, it doesn’t matter what the habit is. You have to achieve consistency at any cost rather than the outcome.

My real example:

When I was developing the habit of writing articles, I tended to focus on writing as much as I could daily. This is what I was doing wrong. Because If I have to write daily, My brain will start to make excuses, which is why I struggled to develop the writing habit.

Now, to tackle this problem, what I did was I started a small goal, the goal was so small that my mind couldn’t find any excuse to do it!

I started to write one or two lines in my mobile note-taking app daily, and after one month, my habit was built.

Two biggest enemies of habit!

There are lots of enemies of habit, but when It comes to the most significant enemies, those two are:

1) Laziness

2) Fear

You can beat both enemies by breaking the goal into tiny goals so that your mind can’t find any reason to postpone it or ignore it.

Build consistency by achieving that small goal daily.


Don’t focus on outcome focus on consistency by breaking goals into small goals. www.khadush.com

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