Are you looking to invest in crypto or mutual fund? I have a better option (forsage)!

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What will you learn in this article?

In this article, you will learn about my little journey and how I got introduced to forsage and other investments like mutual funds and crypto.

How does it all start!

I am not a financial expert. I am a 23-year-old guy looking to save and invest his money wisely to purchase my home in future and make some passive income, so I don’t have to depend on the job.

Basically, I want financial freedom.

Investment Scrabble text
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To become financially free, I started to research different things available in the market, and I was getting overwhelmed with the option And decided to try everything one by one.

I started with mutual funds and invested my 10K rupee in it. Since I was new to it, I was checking my money daily (in the hope of does it increased it or not).

After one week, I found no growth. Honestly, I was very impatient.

I withdraw my all money After the first encounter with a mutual fund. I learned a few lessons from it and invested in a liquid fund.

In the liquid fund, I invested around 50k rupee for around 7month, and the return I got was around 1k.

It was better than nothing but, still, I wasn’t happy with my return then I decided to look for more options.

My friend suggested a fixed deposit; I withdrew my money from a liquid fund and invested in a fixed deposit. I had invested around 55k and got the return of 1500 within 6 months.

Return was ok at least better than a liquid fund, but not enough to satisfy me because my need was to earn a good passive income, which should help me earn in the future, and it should not be risky.

The whole thing I shared above was the story of my two years, finally in middle 2021.

Crypto was taking a lot of hype, at least for me, so I thought, why not crypto? But the problem with crypto was that it is hazardous no one knows what will happen tomorrow with it.

I left the idea of crypto investment also.

A few months later

I started gym and met with a guy (prabath) who introduced me to a where I can earn a good amount of money.

Prabath is a doctor, and he uses forsage as a passive income. He probably earns 50 to 80 BUSD (I will explain later what is BUSD) per day.

When I got first introduced to this, I didn’t understand the system and its workings because it is based on blockchain.

Rather than doing much research from my side, I decided to invest my 15k money because I got good bonding with Prabath.

After investing, I did nothing for one month except check my money daily in the crypto wallet, and I didn’t get a single penny from the

Next month, I made around 49 BUSD in one night and guess what, I did nothing. The income was passive.

I was amazed by the return because 1 BUSD was equal to 80rupee, so in total, I made around 49×80 = 3920 rupee.

It will take me around six years to get this amount of return with a 15k rupee on mutual funds.


It gets increased later

Read if you want to know more about

-> It’s is entirely based on blockchain, which means no one can steal your money (decentralized).

-> Also, there is not one admin who manages everything, which means no one can block your account.

-> It has nothing to do with bitcoin because all transactions occur in busd (it’s a stable coin and stay equal to the dollar).

–> It used BUSD as its currency. If you don’t know what BUSD is, it’s a stable coin and always stay equal to a dollar, so 1 BUSD = $1.

How does it work?

Think of a traditional MLM company or chain system where you have to make someone join you by selling medicine, clothes, or any product!

Forsage is an upgraded version of a traditional company in which you don’t have to sell anything.

The new joiner will purchase the slot(you can think of it as a place) in the forsage system, and whatever the slot’s price would get back to you.

For example, If you refer a person who spends 20 BUSD, you will instantly get 20 BUSD in your crypto wallet.

What if I can’t be able to refer even a single person?

There is a solution for this one also. I had earned almost 100 BUSD so far without even referring to a single let me show you how it works.

In forsage, there are two types of slots: one working and another is non-working.

Working slots are those slots where you will get money whenever someone you had referred will join.

Non-working slots are where you will get money when your upline refers to someone else.

That’s it for now. I know it is a little bit confusing cause you have any doubts!

Drop me your doubt at [email protected], and if you want to join forsage,

use my referral code

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