My design helps my clients make more money.

I am a User experience & Interface (UX/UI) designer.

I specialise in website and web application design for tech & e-commerce startups.

While designing digital products, I use principles of psychology and conversion optimisation.

To make your product highly usable, customer-centric and conversion-focused.

Contact me: [email protected]

Not all works are shown here due to NDA.

Websites I had worked upon!

Frequently asked question

I would be happy to help, but before you contact me, here are two checklists to validate whether I am a good fit for you.

  • I generally work with e-commerce and tech businesses. If your business lies under another industry, we can still talk.
  • My minimum initial price for a project is $1500 with a $15 hourly rate.

Sure, I am ready to work. My minimum initial price for a project is $1500 with a $15 hourly rate.

I am a designer, not an artist, so I believe in creating designs that solve problems, not just look beautiful.
So, for a conversion-focused landing page, my initial price is $500.

Showing old work is not enough!

Because a portfolio is a glimpse based on work, someone did at a different organisation with different problems and challenges in an entirely different environment.

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I have written a small e-book to help early startup know where they are lacking.

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