Are you tired of seeing designers who only know how to design beautiful digital products?

I design digital products that are usable and beautiful, and most importantly, I am learning how to increase profit (conversion rate) by influencing human behaviour through design.

E.g. I recently redesigned the jewellery website, and after doing an A/B test, we found that the newly designed website performed 42% better than the old one. The reason why it performed so better was that we increased the trust through design.

I find the problem using various research methods (Like Surveys, interviews, data analysis, heatmaps, etc.) and how to solve those problems with the help of design.

So far, I have worked on 30+ websites in which I have done 70% website redesign (which includes improving user experience & visuals) and 30% Product design (website & web app).

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Some of my recent work

Lack of money and time forced me to find something that could give me instant money, so I tried freelancing in web design and earned enough (to support myself), which made me curious to explore the design industry.

I turned into a full-time website designer; I wanted to learn how humans make decisions, but at the same time, I also wanted to stick with design. so, I learned UX design.

Over the year of practising design, a question started to float in my mind: “Good design can’t exist if a business runs out of money”.

So, this question forced me to explore “how can we make business profitable through good design”. This question motivated me to learn about Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).

Within four months, I got a job in a CRO agency where I saw many optimizers were using psychology and other tactics to increase sales.

I thought, “How can I change people’s behaviour, not only for sale but to change their behaviour for better things”, Like helping students avoid masturbation Or avoiding payment fraud using psychology.

This problem motivated me to learn more about behavioural science & psychology. And now, I read, write and work on the intersection of UX design + CRO, + Behavioral science.

I was so intrigued by behavioural science that I did another course on “digital psychology & persuasion” from CXL Institute.

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