Hi, my name is Rohit

An User Experience designer based in New Delhi, India. Designing since 2019

Part of my work include so far:

30% website re-design (with data & insight), 30% Experience design, 40% Product design (website & webapp)

Some of my recent work

Added features in Amazon prime for better usability and revenue.

ux design

Improving the UX of online suit selling website.

ux design, NDA work

Alexander James recruiting website redesign (AJR)

Visual design, Client work

An app that helps people to quit masturbation addiction

Product design, research

coming soon

Coming soon...

coming sson

coming soon

Coming soon...​

cooming soon

It’s not just about the UX, UX and UX.

When I was started as a web designer in 2018, and now it’s 2022. I had learned lots of things about design.

At the same time, I tried different things like coding, pentesting but, one thing that made me stick to this field was solving the real human challenges.

That’s the reason why I am so passionate about UX.

I have so many things to speak about design so, I will urge you to read more about me.

I write what I read

Thanks for visiting!

Do you have any opportunities or problems? I would love to know, especially if the problem is related to changing human behaviour.