I appear tired in this picture because I walked non-stop for around 10 KM.

Rohit Singh
Buddh Stupa, Rajgir, Bihar

– My name is Rohit, and I am a product designer (4+ years) specialzed in SaaS websites and web apps from New Delhi, India.

– Given the increasing pollution in cities, I’ve chosen to live in a village where I can grow food and immerse myself in nature.


– I never wanted to be a designer. I was in coding and hacking, but social engineering got my interest, and I ended up learning psychology.

– I love creating solutions to solve problems, so I learned website design, and later, I found a field where I could use psychology and product design.


– My first-ever personal project after learning product design & little psychology project link.

Few old projects here,

Recently, I worked upon:

– A game that helps people learn to write good A.I. prompts (Figma link); it’s not live anymore.

– I worked on an A.I. chatbot that tracks users’ cursors and guides them properly: UI link and website link.

– Right now, I am creating features and redesigning the screens for VWO.com (an A/B testing tool) with a $ 40 million ARR and 3M MRR.

Rohit In Village image
Enjoying time in nature!

Currently interested in:

How to design a conversion-focused website & usable SaaS products.

Even though I have been working as a designer for four years, this problem always bugs me: how can a designer design a website that looks beautiful and achieves its purpose?

This single curiosity led me to learn different skills like copywriting, storybrand, multiple web design courses, conversion optimization(CXL), and books (brain audit), and if you ask me, “Do you know how to design a good website or web app?”

My answer is, “I am still learning!”

Learning Vedanta & Buddha philosophy

I was born into a low-income family, and one thing that became clear was that I had to earn money and live a good life.

So, I started reading books and eventually learned about stoicism and a few great authors like Darius Foroux, Dan Koe, Tim Denning, etc.

After learning about Western wisdom, I found that it is insufficient to live a good life.

Especially when it comes to decision-making, e.g. 

  • What work should I choose
  • What kind of relation I should maintain with people
  • What work should I choose
  • Why should I marry, and why not
  • Why humans left the jungle
  • Why do we buy things in the name of happiness and then get bored and look for new things?
  • etc., etc

Online Writing and Reading lots of different books

– I found that consuming information keeps me thinking, and I am not taking any action with that information.

– I decided to write online on Linkedin and Twitter.
With that, I also read many books on different topics and captured information in Readwise.

– I am currently living in Bihar, India, and learning to live in the village.

Do you have remote opportunity or want to discuss something?
Write to me at [email protected]