Did you know I got fired from my first job in just 2 months as a UI/UX designer?

Let me take you back to 2018 when I was desperate to make money.

So, I bought some Udemy courses and learned about web design. 

I freelanced, earned some money, and enrolled in a new product design course. I completed the course, got the certificate, and started the job hunt. 

Luckily, I got the job. Unfortunately, I worked for only 2 months.

The founder fired me, saying, “You need more experience”. That was a significant setback (imagine when you got fired from your first job).

I went into deep fear mode!

  • I did not graduate from a top college (IIT or IIM).
  • There wasn’t any design degree.
  • No mentor
  • No one knows me
  • I am not rich (my father doesn’t have a business)

Everything was against me except my hard work.

I started reading many books and articles, took many courses, built a network and did lots of trial and error in this journey.

And now, I earn 200x more than an average designer and live happily with my family.

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